Another Great Train Robbery in Cyprus – Hidden From the Public Eye

Do you realise that there was a press blackout about this in the US?

With Europe’s May Day and a holiday in China, this was a perfect time to pull off a massive robbery in Cyprus. It was also a perfect time for a total news blackout in North America. qqstamp

This shocking news on Cyprus’ large depositor’s confiscation of funds has not been reported for obvious reasons, but it does not make this historical event disappear.
What’s more, the banks have announced “very temporary capital controls” which means that these depositors cannot take all their money out even if they want to! So not only have they banks stolen over a third of large depositors’ funds, quickstamp but they have also frozen another 30% of depositors’ money. Keep in mind that so-called “temporary controls” have historically gone on for significant periods of time. i.e. months and even years in some cases.

These are very serious events and you should not take them lightly. If you do not get out of the banking system, you will probably not be able to get out of the system in the future. These actions have created a dangerous precedent and there are signs that other larger countries are considering stealing depositors funds in order to prop up failed banks. And future thefts may not be restricted to large depositors. People with small amounts could be robbed as well.

The plan is to wind down the Popular Bank of Cyprus known as Laiki, quickstamp and to shift deposits of less than 100,000 Euros to the Bank of Cyprus to create a “good bank” and leave problems behind in a “bad bank.” Deposits above €100,000 in both banks, which are not guaranteed by the state under EU law, will be frozen and used to resolve Laiki’s debts and recapitalise the Bank of Cyprus, the island’s biggest, through a deposit/equity conversion. So basically they are stealing depositors’ money in order to prop up a bankrupt bank. Unbelievable. more visit sites>

The USA black out on the news in Cyprus does not mean this event didn’t happen to large depositors. What it means is that those in control do not want you to know about it so that you won’t be frightened into taking your savings out of the system. Please see the warning signs. We are under the same astrological aspects as we were during the Great Depression and the time when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. There were warnings then too, but many did not heed them. We are fortunate that we have the internet today, so we can share information worldwide within seconds. Don’t be taken by surprise and get yourself out of the system before the powers that be legalise stealing everything from under our feet.


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