Recession Proof Online Shopping Designer Handbags

With all the talk about recession issues there is one thing you can depend upon no matter what shape the economy. Online shopping saves you time,  money and stress. At close to $4 a gallon, gasoline is not worth buying to drive around town. tampacomputerstore It is easier to sit at your computer and get everything you need. Save that gas money and use it to buy yourself something.

One of the great things about shopping online is 24 hour 7 days a week availability. And, with the help of search engines like Google, a person can get anything they want at prices much lower than what they would pay at the store.

Considering fuel charges alone, one trip to the local shopping mall could be as much as you would pay for a new designer handbag by Melie Bianco or MURVAL. These designers create the high end look without the high end price tag. They also provide roomy versatile purses made of eco friendly materials. If there is one thing a woman can not live without it is an occasional new purse.

If leather is your choice of handbag, Elaine Turner makes a complete line of affordable, moderately priced women’s bags and accessories. Elaine is fairly new to the designer handbag scene. She started her handbag business in Dallas, Texas around 2000. Her designs are made exceptionally well, and the handbags have classic appeal among women.

All-in-all, to recession proof shopping habits, you must start thinking smart about using your budget wisely. An average trip to the mall or department store costs about $12 in gasoline, plus lunch about $16 (minimum), and parking in major cities anywhere from $6 – $15. That’s a hefty price to spend an afternoon browsing stores. The irony of the situation is most of the stores you browse are available online, too.

You may feel the day out is deserved after a long work week — agreed. wavetaxi Treating yourself with a reward is motivating. That’s not the point, here. If the economy dictates our spending, then maybe we need to re-examine how we spend and where our money goes.

McDonald’s just announced the introduction of a new flavored ice-coffee on tap in their fast food restaurants. I bet many of the Starbuck addicts at $5 a pop will try switching to the $1.89 McDonald coffee. It is a smart choice and an alternative without depriving yourself of something you enjoy. And, the savings is huge if you drive through or stop for coffee once per day.

Same is true with designer fashion accessories like handbags, purses, scarves, hats, jewelry, and tote bags. Why deprive yourself of something you want if there is a way to obtain the items at affordable prices. A fashion keepsake is something you will have forever. So, it only makes sense to find something affordable and adorable. Online shopping provides resources to get these special things at great discount prices.

It appears as though the designer industry is out of control. From handbags to watches to foot wear, shoes, boots, and just about anything with a designer label has gotten to an unreachable, unattainable price level. Some people advocate the rental of these high end designer items to give the appearance of affluence. It is somewhat discouraging to know people feel the need to put on a fake front by renting fashion. And, it doesn’t fit into the smart shopper attitude. Why rent and pay high fees when you can buy something of your own.

Actually, with all the transmitted diseases and germs spreading like viruses, who would want to use a purse an unknown person carried previously. Scary thought seeing as an average trip to the doctor is about $150, and if medication or a shot is needed, add another couple hundred dollars. Not worth the risk nowadays. Designer rental companies are a lot of hype and advertising without ROI (return of investment) for the customer – very high cost, extremely low value.

Well, it is time to go surfing — nope, not to the ocean, directly to Google. You want a new designer handbag — easily, type into the search box, Designer Handbag. A list of resources appears before your eyes. Browse the online stores, compare prices and choose wisely. Contact the website with questions. A good online store will respond to your questions promptly. Find those special places online to get the things you want without any overhead expenses. You can shop anytime day or night, save time, save money and do it all in the privacy of your own home.


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