Direct Marketing Copy – 7 Ways to Succeed When You Can’t Use an Offer to Sell


Crack open any direct marketing text and you will quickly learn all about the Elements of Promotion: List, Offer, Art and Copy. Patriotcashoffer

You will also quickly learn that the Offer accounts for 30% of the effectiveness of any direct marketing program.

But companies working in the insurance and financial industries are generally constrained by federal and state guidelines from making a traditional offer. So what do you do when you cannot say 50% off, Buy One Get One, Early Bird Discount or Extra year of coverage FREE? Cashforhousesillinois

More often than not, the answer to this question is settle for less. But it does not have to be that way. There are a number of strategies you can use to boost your response rate, conversion rate and your overall ROI.

These strategies can be implemented by any smart marketing team, do not cost a lot and are all explained right here. So please, read on.

1. Leverage your USP to focus and strengthen the appeal of your message

If you want your direct marketing efforts to sell hard and stand out from the pack, you need to leverage your Unique Selling Proposition or USP. A USP allows you to nevadacashoffer quickly demonstrate what makes you different from the competition and focuses your message so that you always speak with the same voice.

General ad agencies have been using the concept of the USP to successfully differentiate their products and stake out turf in the marketplace sellahousefastohio for years. You just have to watch television for an hour to see commercials that demonstrate that the companies with household names know their USPs and know how to use them to put their products across.

Many direct marketers think they get little or no advantage from a USP because sellfastarkansas they narrowly target their audience. But actually the opposite is true. Because direct marketers know where their leads and their sales come from, they are able target their USP towards the people they most want to reach and offer that target audience a worthwhile webuyhousessaltlake benefit they will not find anywhere else.


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