How to Lose All the Weight You Want and Get Paid For It

Why is losing weight so difficult for so many people?  Would it help if there was a lifetime of income as a reward for losing as much as you want?

What if you could earn as much as you want — on your own schedule — by losing weight, keeping it off, and helping others to do the same?  Could that be the incentive you need to release the real you from a prison of unwanted pounds? get paid for pictures of your body

Imagine how satisfying that could be!

It is puzzling that so many people say they want to lose weight — and there are so many great books to tell you scientifically how to do it — but few of those people can seem to reach their goal.

That must be very frustrating: wanting something so badly, but not being able to make it happen.

Could it be that they don’t have the right tools for the job?

You see, all foods are not created equal.  Many people are unaware that they are eating predominantly foods that spike their body’s insulin production, causing a drop in blood sugar, which leads to a craving for more of the same wrong foods — foods that make weight loss nearly impossible. Buy mdma

These are foods that are high on the Glycemic Index: refined sugars, white flour, white rice, pasta, and even potatoes, corn, and bananas are prime examples of foods that cause a quick rise in insulin and then a quick drop-off of energy.

These foods — even in small amounts — cause a vicious cycle of weight gain that no amount of exercise can control.

Eating becomes an addiction to foods that are driving those excess sugars into their fat cells for storage, leaving them craving more food just to stay energized.

We are all surrounded by temptations.  You, me, e-girlheaven all of us are bombarded with delicious choices of what we could eat.  The problem is, the more often someone chooses the foods that put on the pounds by changing their metabolism, the harder it is to break that addiction.

Many Diet Aids Are Worse Than Useless

Many weight loss aids that are sold over the counter — a very popular name in “meal replacement drinks”, for example — are loaded with sugar.  Sugar — any kind of refined sugar or carbohydrate — is about the most addictive food ingredient you can find, so it’s hard to see how they can be of any help in losing weight.

Expensive meal plans are not necessary.  What is needed is the willpower to say, “Eating this is not going to help me achieve my goal.”

Ah, but where do we get this willpower?

Mother Nature has given us a long list of helpful plants that energize us and others that help reduce our hunger.  A truly effective weight loss formula will combine these, without adding too much sugar, into a satisfying and refreshing beverage.  This is a healthful helper that is key when we are breaking bad dietary habits.

You also need something that will give you the sense of fullness, without a lot of sugary calories.  There are safe, natural herbs that can do this: cha’-de-bugre, garcinia cambogia, and pau d’Arco are some especially effective ones.

Then you need an ingredient that gives you energy and even that delicious sense of euphoria that you get from chocolate — also without adding calories or using artificial sweeteners.  Guarana and green tea fit the bill here, helping with fat-burning. aniioki

Add some maltodextrin, for slow-release energy and some B vitamins to catalyze the process and you will have a scientifically based weight loss aid that comes closest to being that magic ingredient that everyone is looking for.


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