Writers! Who Else Wants to Get Read by Thousands and Paid For It?

In college, I was an English major, Online Coding Classes for Kids because I dreamed of becoming a writer. Well, guess what…it actually happened! But not quite the way I envisioned. Want to get paid (and I do mean paid well!) for what you love to do? Well, read on! You’ll find the answers right here.

Right, I remember actually sitting in an essay writing class my last semester of college. We had to write an essay about our greatest fear. I was stuck. So, as usual, I looked out the window for inspiration. Then it hit me. My greatest fear! Never being published or even read. rozbawieni

I’m sure that’s a fear a lot of budding writers have. You know all those books in the bookstore represent only a tiny fraction of the books actually written and pitched in a given year. And, guess what. Here’s even worse news. Most of those authors don’t earn enough off of those books to even pay the bills. drommabed

Well, paying the bills was also paramount on my mind, because I was (and still am) married and my wife had just had not one, but two babies. Imagine that. There I was, finishing college and had a wife and two kids to support. Welcome to the real world! Anime

When I got out of school, I became a teacher. The money was okay, but the benefits were great. But frankly, deep inside I was slowly smothering. So, one spring I decided to write a novel. It took me four months to crank out the rough draft of my first suspense novel. It’s now resting peacefully in the back of the third drawer down in a 60-year old filing cabinet I keep in the basement. (In other words, I didn’t even try to publish it.)

What happened was I read a book by Joe Vitale called the E-Code. Up until then, I had used computers to write, entertain myself, and for email. I had no idea people could actually make money online. I would like to say that after I read the book, I ran to the computer, flipped a few switches and money started pouring out. Well, no…it didn’t quite happen that way, but I did over the course of the next three years figure out how to make a very nice living through internet marketing. Top Suomi Kasinot

If you’re a writer at heart, and you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to turn this talent into something you can get paid for, let me suggest you learn about the world of internet marketing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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