Dante Action Figures – Joker Heath

The Dante action figures are in my opinion, arianm the elite of collectible movie comic heroes and villains. When a movie comes along as huge as The Dark Knight and all the hype that goes along with the unfortunate death of a famous actor portraying a key character in the film, you’ve got yourself the makings of a highly collectible item! Joker Heath is that character.

The Dante Joker Heath is awesome. That is when it’s available! It was sculpted by Kolby Jukes. The statue stands about 10″ with incredible detail and likeness to Ledger. The face and pose are classic comic art. Cape blowing in the wind, knife in hand and a look that makes you feel like he’s going to come at you any second now! This beauty is standing on a deck of cards. Approximately 6,000 pieces available. Price is approximately $165.00. mandaltempotraveller

The 1:6 scale deluxe statue is similar and a little more affordable. There is no “deck of cards” base but he does come with a display stand. A beautiful piece and also limited edition. Height is about 13 inches. He is wielding his knife but the coat is straight and not blowing in the wind. This one goes for around $100.00. asia999

The Joker Heath bust is a beauty too! Unfortunately, it is sold out! It measures about 5 x 3 x 2.5 inches and has him unfolding his hand of cards. If you are fortunate enough to have one of these hold onto it! No more will be produced. There were 6,000 of these made and that’s it. shoplocalgta

So what’s a fan to do? Well, you can place an order for the statues and hope for the best. It’s difficult to say just how long it will be before they are released and then how long they will be available. Probably not too long before they are released but they will go very fast!

Your best bet is everybody’s good old standby, eBay! Yes, you’ll probably have to pay a little more but that’s pretty much your only choice if you can’t get your order in or if you don’t want to wait. As for the bust, eBay is probably your only choice. actualidad-logistica

There are plenty of other Joker Heath action figures. Some of them are very nice. Some of them are very collectible and all of them are appreciated by the collectors and fans who enjoy them. I’m partial to the detail and collectible value of the Dante action figures and these particular Joker Heath statues and busts are looking to be very collectible. netnaijas


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