Buying Property in Turkey – Low Property Prices Are One of Many Turkish Delights

Turkey is a plentiful country which has coastlines with both the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as well as the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea. Climates vary throughout Turkey and in winter there is sometimes snow in the huge and beautiful city of Istanbul which straddles the Bosphorus Straits. Istanbul is the only city in the world which lies across two different continents.

Although Turkey has a secular government in the form of a parliamentary democracy the country is to all intensive purposes Muslim with 95% of the population subscribing to that faith. Ankara is the capital of Turkey but as it is located in the centre of the country does not tend to attract so much property investment. turkish citizenship by investment
The house prices in Turkey are very low compared to Western Europe. For instance you can get a four bedroom villa in Antalya which has views of both mountains and the sea for only £189,000 through The Move Channel Turkey. Antalya is a very attractive investment option because it is one of the fastest growing cities in Turkey and will always be valuable given how many beach resorts have sprung up in the area. Antalya has its own airport which is well connected to the rest of Europe with a number of charter flights. There is also a fine marina and intriguing old town.

In Bodrum there are fully furnished (with white goods) houses available which have three bedrooms and a large pool for only £165,000. Bodrum is a charming old town built around a medieval castle which was constructed by the Knights of Rhodes. Bodrum is a proud boating centre which holds an annual yachting race in October.

For only £83,000 you can get an apartment in Belek with a garden and large pool and a free golf membership thrown in. Estate agents are known as ’emlak’ in Turkish.

As part of looking at property in Turkey, North Cyprus should also be considered. Since a 1974 invasion North Cyprus has been known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. People have flocked to build houses there because of the cheap houses, expansive coast, wealth of beautiful historical buildings and welcoming inhabitants. However, buyers should beware as the land in still under dispute and the conflict has still not been resolved. That makes buying property in North Cyprus risky, even though many people are willing to take the risk due the inexpensive property prices.

The North Cyprus problem is one reason why Turkey has not as yet been allowed into the European Union, though they are a member of NATO and the UN. This has not stopped the property industry from thriving.


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