Before You Go and Build a Tubular Aerostat Wind Generator in the Sky – Do Your Homework

Indeed, thereloadershouse I guess it goes without saying that anytime you come up with a new eco-invention or eco-innovation that you need to do your homework before you go off and build a prototype to see if it will work. In other words, you not only need to study the basic system of such things, but you need to understand how it will perform in the real world, not just in a research report that you did in college.

As the coordinator for a think tank which operates online, I am often worried about such innovations which don’t actually work. You see, I am constantly reading business plans, and reviewing innovations, ideas, and new concepts for the alternative energy sector. What I am finding is most of these plans are ill thought out, and they don’t take into consideration the reality in the real world of having to make a profit. Instead they rely on taxpayer subsidies, or research grants and funding to get going. ammunitionscenter

Not long ago, someone came to me with an idea of a tubular aerostat wind generator which would be flown like a kite. It’s important to understand the aerodynamics of such things. And yet when I talked to one of the founders of this startup company, I asked if he had read up on “Viktor Schauberger’s Work” as it made sense to allow airflow to bypass the center of the leading edge camber during extreme wind conditions? บาคาร่าออนไลน์

He didn’t know what I was talking about, but he should have, because when you fly and Aerostats like a kite, the angle of attack is too high to allow the relative wind to properly and efficiently spin the wind turbine generator. When the winds are too high, there will be buffeting and other severe turbulence issues. Suffice it to say, he didn’t do his homework, and I sure hope the MIT engineer who was in charge of the project had studied the Viktor’s work on vortex airflows and fluid dynamics.

Who knows, maybe he had, although it is paramount that he understands the concepts involved completely, and these are not just something you can read in the textbook one day and answer a few multiple choice test questions. Indeed, I brought up another concept to help increase the airflow through the Venturi-tube like donut hole where the wind turbine blades would be, and I asked;

“Have you considered small leading edge protruding devices to generate vortex flows over the airfoil, and then having them change shape a high speeds to prevent the vortex flows?”

Again, nothing but a blank stare – however if you are not a pilot, or a designer of airfoils, or aircraft wings, you may not understand the aerodynamics of such things, but they do matter, especially because you need the airflow into the center moving as fast as possible to turn your wind turbine blades to generate your power. I think what bothers me the most is we have so many kids who claim to be passionate about what they do, but they are not passionate enough to do their homework. skywings

Yet, I ask are passionate enough to come up with the design that will work without government subsidies, or free money grants to get their start up business going. You see, the real world in business teaches you to be efficient, and if you never have to be, because you are paying through the nose for expensive tuition, and years in the future, then you may not have the financial savvy, or the financial literacy to run a business in the first place – regardless if it is in the best interest of clean energy. affluentwords

Indeed I hope you will please consider this, because this is a serious topic, and what I see going on is just a lot of wasted of money out there. Please think on all this.


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