Gamblers Missing Out on Over 10,000 GBP of Free Bets, According to New Research

New research has been conducted to help punters negotiate the free bonuses minefield safely. Gamblers seem to be totally ignoring most of the freely available bonuses from a wide variety of online gambling portals.

Gamblers who like placing sports bets or playing casino, poker, bingo, games online are failing to give themselves an ‘edge’ on the online bookmakers by taking full advantage of the online bookmakers free bonus offers to give themselves ‘value bets’ in their quest to beat the bookies according to extensive research carried out into gambling habits.

With over £10000 of free bonuses freely available to be claimed by anyone who has an interest in gambling and looking to make their gambling pay, researchers are somewhat puzzled as to why many gamblers are not claiming the free bonus promotional offers from top gambling portals such as William Hill and many more online bookmakers. freebet

If gamblers took advantage of the free bets on offer from the bookmakers to bet on sports, horse racing, football, tennis or any other event they would like to bet on then they could significantly boost their returns straight away as the bookmakers free bonus promotional offers represent excellent value and if gamblers know how to do matched betting then they can win a large percentage of the free bets on offer with little or no risk of losing their own money.

Matched betting explained – It is possible to make hundreds and even thousands of pounds of free cash by doing matched betting to take advantage of the bookmakers introductory free bet offers and win the money with little or no risk of losing your own money.

With the competition that now exists between all the online bookmakers looking to attract new customers, punters should be looking to exploit the vulnerable position of the bookies having to offer a free bet promotion in order to keep up with the competition and claim every free bonus offer they can.

The local high-street bookie giving you bad odds on your bets and no free bet promotional offer are a thing of the past. Now, there are literally thousands of pounds of free bets out there waiting for punters to claim by bookmakers offering excellent odds on all the major sporting events.

The research into gambling habits regarding free bonuses was very surprising! Gamblers should be looking to fully exploit the online bookmakers bonuses as much as they can.


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