Do I Need a DUI Attorney? You Most Definitely Do

Have you been recently arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (this is often abbreviated as DUI or DWI)? More seriously, have you been involved in some sort of traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol? In either case, it’s easy to see that the laws regarding alcohol related infractions are very difficult to navigate and most certainly require the aid of a DUI attorney.

Historically speaking, the law has been very, very tough on issues of drunk or impaired driving. Consider, for example, the case of an Oklahoma woman who was recently sentenced to 107 years behind bars for killing four people while driving under the influence. The defendant’s attorneys unsuccessfully argued that the accident was unavoidable and that it shouldn’t receive anywhere near that harsh of a sentence. As evidenced by the sentence, the judge disagreed. age of consent in Michigan

While the charge you’re facing is likely no where near as severe as that, it is imperative that you retain a DUI attorney so that you don’t end up with driver’s suspensions, breathalyzer locks, and various other restraints that could impede your daily life. Indeed, one of the most scary aspects of any DUI charge is the fear over what penalties, if any, could potentially be levied against you. A DUI attorney can help you look for improprieties in the investigation and also help you figure out exactly what’s being charged against you, the possible penalties, and so forth. In other words, they can help you sort out your case against the state

As beneficial as it is obviously is to have an attorney review the facts of your case, it’s equally important that you choose the right counsel to assist you in the legal process. Fortunately this process isn’t particularly hard due to the unique, constrained properties of DUI cases. Firstly, try some of your own investigation. Search for cases similar to yours. For instance, suppose you were stopped at a checkpoint in California and had a blood alcohol limit just above the legal amount. Search for similar cases. What results did these people have? Were there any attorneys that managed to be particularly successful for their clients in this type of case? If so, perhaps you should set up a consultation with them as they may be your best hope.

Another essential statistic to look for is how often the attorney has won their cases. Look for lawyers that have high win percentages on unique, challenging trials. Seeing this combination shows that the lawyer will have the tenacity, intelligence, and vigor to fight to get you the outcome that you want.


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